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Fusing Style and Comfort in One Stride

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Identical twins Shane and Shawn Ward truly understand the art of making style look and feel good. After spending time designing shoes for a number of athletic merchandisers, the brothers set out to create their own brand name. The two were born in Cincinnati, Ohio, and as early as the fourth grade, their mother moved them and their 5 siblings to Detroit, Michigan.

At 12, Shane and Shawn began caddying in Detroit at private golf clubs for the likes of the Detroit Pistons and Detroit Redwings. By the time they were ready for college, they had each earned full, four- year caddy scholarships to the University of Michigan.  While Shawn focused on a career in Mechanical Engineering, working with Chrysler, Shane studied Industrial Design and interned at General Motors. Later, they each landed jobs in New York City, where they have lived for the past eight years, Shawn working as a day trader on the NASDAQ stock exchange and Shane designing for AND1. Though seemingly on different paths, the two eventually joined to design shoes for Puma, Lugz, Adidas and Converse through their freelance company SW2Design. After gaining menial credit for their designs, they set out to go into business for themselves. By fusing Detroit and New York together, Shane and Shawn launched Detny footwear in 2003.

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Sky’s the Limit in 2009

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As we are just a few days away from the second month of the new year, FBENOW encourages everyone to make the most of 09′ when it comes to accomplishing your goals. Here are some helpful tips that may assist in guiding your success:

1. Write a Business Plan
One of the most important things to do if you’re building a business is write a business plan. Your business plan can and will be your blueprint for your success. Plan your marketing and promotional strategies, finances, potential investors, and goals. Your business plan will help you keep track of all the essential things you need for success.

2. Have an Unstoppable Attitude
Focus and determination are key in reaching success. People may try to deter you into another direction because of what they may think fits you best. In turn, stay focused on what you set out to do.

3. Set Daily Goals
Visualizing your dreams in your reality may seem a bit difficult when you first start out. In order to stay encouraged on a daily basis, setting attainable daily goals is a perfect tool. It could be going to an event, researching and calling a contact, or putting aside money. Whatever it is push yourself to get it done.

4. Don’t Listen to Bad News
Lately you may have heard a nationwide issue known as the “recession” or friends and family might request that you go back to school and get a degree or a “real job”. But it is very important that you don’t LISTEN to them. You may run the risk of losing a couple of people in your lives for this reason but you must have “tunnel vision” when it comes to your success. Remember it’s in your hands not theirs.

5. Have Patience and Pay Your Dues
This may happen for some but many people do not become celebrities overnight. Success take diligence and time. Start small and build your way up to the top. Have patience with anyone involved in your business and have patience with yourself. We as humans can sometimes be our own worst enemy, so make sure to be easy on yourself and take your time.

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Making the Beat 1

Fresh out the box with skills to write a song, produce a beat, and perform the track is up and coming entertainer Strap. While at QB’s lab in the Bronx we caught this gifted artist doing what he does with ease…Check him out and stay tuned for more from Strap. Big shouts to Coppalabel!

An Entrepreneurial State of Mind…

For all who have ever thought up an idea or dreamt to be more than just average no matter what age, color, or gender can now see more than ever that any and everything is possible. Congratulations to our new president and to all you entrepreneurs out there that have a vision, you can and will make it happen. Stay inspired and remember to always “P.U.S.H.”

The Author’s Penn: Larceny of the Heart

When walking the streets of NYC, it’s not unusual to see street vendors selling various items such as dvds, cds, scarves, bags, and of course books of all kinds. So while in Harlem, fellow author Maxwell Penn caught my attention and I was inclined to find out about his debut novel “Larceny of the Heart.” The tale, surrounds the lives of Jean Paul Baptiste and Winsome caught in a climax of love, lust, and crime. Check out an excerpt from this intensely moving novel. Continue reading

Conyak on tha’ Track…


Photo by K Selby

You may have caught a glimpse of her in Young Money’s “My Life” video, but a glimpse is far from what this rising producer/composer wants people to get from her. To her close friends and family she’s Tracy White but to the music industry she’s better known as Conyak (as well as Tmac). Continue reading

Something for the Ladies…

Young Money’s back again and this time he’s doing something for the ladies.  This one’s for all the superwomen out there doing their thing. Of course the video was produced by yours truly AM2PM, hope you enjoy it and feel free to leave your comments!