Conyak on tha’ Track…


Photo by K Selby

You may have caught a glimpse of her in Young Money’s “My Life” video, but a glimpse is far from what this rising producer/composer wants people to get from her. To her close friends and family she’s Tracy White but to the music industry she’s better known as Conyak (as well as Tmac). Conyak’s love for music drew her to the art of producing tracks back in 2005. She began to meddle off and on with various tracks and credits her brother for getting her feet wet. “My brother Stanley bought the “Fruity Loops” program, and he was making beats so I decided that I wanted to make beats too, so I did,” she expressed. She recalls hanging out at her brother’s house, grabbing the keyboard and turning simple sounds into complex tracks. It was about 2 years ago when she realized that this was no hobby but actually a talent that could carry on further. “I can produce any type of music, whatever you may need, I can do it.” Conyak attests that at least 3 days a week you can find her in the studio alongside fellow producer QB, and when she’s not in the studio she’s at home finding a way to make the tunes in her head come to life.

When asked who inspires her she says, “My inspiration comes from Ryan Leslie, he’s my hype man…before I make a beat I always go on You Tube and watch him in the studio…” Recently, Conyak has produced tracks for artists like Big Mike who has a mix-tape titled “Hotel 7”, another artist by the name of Nook based out of Chicago, as well as Young Money’s mix-tape “The O.” As a final testament Conyak left FBE with these words…”I’m just trying to get the music out there to let people know that Conyak is the best thing in music.” To hear more of Conyak’s tracks and to get at her, just hit her up at or


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