The Author’s Penn: Larceny of the Heart

When walking the streets of NYC, it’s not unusual to see street vendors selling various items such as dvds, cds, scarves, bags, and of course books of all kinds. So while in Harlem, fellow author Maxwell Penn caught my attention and I was inclined to find out about his debut novel “Larceny of the Heart.” The tale, surrounds the lives of Jean Paul Baptiste and Winsome caught in a climax of love, lust, and crime. Check out an excerpt from this intensely moving novel.

“After they made love,sensuously and passionately on the beach. Winsome came to the realization that she’d never know that loving could be oh so good. Nothing that she’d had done to her touched the beauty of what she experienced with Jean. It wasn’t just making her feel as though the Earth had quaked six times on the beach. It wasn’t just that he was sweet and had made the beautiful sculpture of her. It wasn’t his good looks and his hard body either, It wasn’t even the fact that he was head and shoulders above Dexter in every category. It was that Winsome knew she’d found her soul mate. Her heart was like a house of love waiting to be properly built. Her emotions were the material and fabric to build her house from the ground up. The only man that she’d given her heart to thus far had broken it in two. Although it seemed as though Jean would be her king,and master builder. He alone could turn the driftwood shanty of her heart into an inpenetrable fortress.

After their marathon love making they fell fast asleep on the beach. His body all over Winsome covering her at first and then wrapped in the blanket snuggled together tightly until the waves lapped at their feet. They had to scurry away their clothing and possessions before the incoming tide drenched everything. When they awoke it wasn’t quite dusk as yet. The sun was low in the sky but fierce still and they played like children in it’s effervescent amber glow. They frolicked nude in the shallow waters of the beach , caressing and washing the sand from each others bodies. Then,Jean lay back and floated in the tide,letting the sun kiss him,feeling like and knowing he was in sheer paradise.”

To read more and purchase a copy of the novel log on to


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