Sky’s the Limit in 2009

Photo by A. Millz

As we are just a few days away from the second month of the new year, FBENOW encourages everyone to make the most of 09′ when it comes to accomplishing your goals. Here are some helpful tips that may assist in guiding your success:

1. Write a Business Plan
One of the most important things to do if you’re building a business is write a business plan. Your business plan can and will be your blueprint for your success. Plan your marketing and promotional strategies, finances, potential investors, and goals. Your business plan will help you keep track of all the essential things you need for success.

2. Have an Unstoppable Attitude
Focus and determination are key in reaching success. People may try to deter you into another direction because of what they may think fits you best. In turn, stay focused on what you set out to do.

3. Set Daily Goals
Visualizing your dreams in your reality may seem a bit difficult when you first start out. In order to stay encouraged on a daily basis, setting attainable daily goals is a perfect tool. It could be going to an event, researching and calling a contact, or putting aside money. Whatever it is push yourself to get it done.

4. Don’t Listen to Bad News
Lately you may have heard a nationwide issue known as the “recession” or friends and family might request that you go back to school and get a degree or a “real job”. But it is very important that you don’t LISTEN to them. You may run the risk of losing a couple of people in your lives for this reason but you must have “tunnel vision” when it comes to your success. Remember it’s in your hands not theirs.

5. Have Patience and Pay Your Dues
This may happen for some but many people do not become celebrities overnight. Success take diligence and time. Start small and build your way up to the top. Have patience with anyone involved in your business and have patience with yourself. We as humans can sometimes be our own worst enemy, so make sure to be easy on yourself and take your time.

6. Stop the Complaining
If anyone has ever heard about the “laws of attraction” this is exactly what “stop complaining” symbolizes. Negative energy can possibly affect your success, especially if you’re the source. When you spend time complaining about adversities that you’re facing, that energy can inhibit you from moving forward. Try your best to stay positive even if the road seems rough and success seems far away. Also keep in mind to keep positive thinkers around at all times. If you don’t have some in your life now, go out and find some.

7. Network! Network! Network!
Don’t spend time wallowing in the fact that you don’t know enough people in the industry or that you haven’t gotten enough promotion. With today’s technology networking is easier than it’s ever been. Whether you use MySpace, Facebook, LinkedIn, FBENOW, or e-mails, just get out there and network. You never know who you’ll meet or who will meet you.

8. Write Things Down 
Writing things down may seem pointless but it’s another great tool to achieving your goals. You can write down how much money you’ll need for business cards or equipment. You can write your strongest and weakest traits and even treats for yourself when you reach your financial peak (a house, a car, things for your family and your children). After you write them down and maintain focus, watch them magically manifest.

9. Don’t Look Back
Once you’ve set forth out on your path of success there’s no turning back. Even if you feel that you’ve only taken small strides in your path, just keep going. If you’ve made mistakes in the past, use them as a guide to do better and not a factor in feeling sorry for yourself. There is a lesson to be learned in everything that life throws you, may it be good or bad.

10. Enjoy yourself! 
Last but not least to list of tips for success, remember to have fun. Life is full of great experiences and you just have to be willing to take them on. If your building a business you’re most likely doing something you love, so have fun with it. Try to see the good in everything around you. Like most entrepreneurs that we see on TV or read about, went from practically nothing and turned it into something. So make sure to Love and Live Life!

11. P. U. S. H

On a more intimate note, for those you that believe in a higher power (God) whomever it may be remember to always keep him/her first. All things can only be possible through that power.



2 responses to “Sky’s the Limit in 2009

  1. Good advice! I shall take heed! thankzzz

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