In the Swing of Things

Some may think that if it’s not in the context of mentioning Tiger Woods, golf and African Americans don’t have much in common. But gradually over the years there have been drastic strides in making golf a sport that black celebrities and communities alike excel in just like any other sport. More so, inspired young people are changing the face of the game. 18 year old, Amber Peden is a shining example of this fact.

Born and raised in Detroit, MI by her grandparents, Amber grew up surrounded by negativity and saw that negativity portrayed even more in the media. In exchange, she decided to excel in school, graduating valedictorian of her class and aspired to attend a rigorously academic college. While in high school she was co-captain of her swim team and captain of her golf team. Highly involved in the game of golf, Amber has joined an organization geared towards young African American golfers known as Midnight Golf. There she has met influential mentors, earned scholarships, learned great communication skills, and met many business professionals. In 2007, she had the opportunity to participate in a PGA (Professional Golf Association) commercial shoot in Chicago. “It was a great experience; I had my own chair, makeup and met PGA pros!” says Amber. Currently, she is a student at Kalamazoo College, majoring in Chemistry. “I enjoy playing golf and networking with people on the course. God is the head of my life and I believe that I have a purpose. I am passionate about science and African studies. My ultimate goal is to work in the medical field, perhaps in Africa.” This past Fall she will study abroad in Kenya for 6 months.

Be on the lookout for this rising star and if you have any questions for her, hit her up via email at


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