Monthly Archives: March 2009

Making the Beat with Strap 2

Strap is back, but he’s not at the keyboard this time. Check out Strap, producer QB and FBE’s own PM at their photo shoot and a snippet of Strap’s self produced “I Don’t Play”…it speaks for itself.


SoftLines and Toxic Venom Fashions

Coming straight out of Brooklyn, check out a quick recap of these Caribbean inspired fashions by up and coming clothing lines Toxic Venom and SoftLines. While at the show, Toxic Venom gave me a more edgy effect that can bring out the vixen in anyone and SoftLines reminded me of a nice summer day at my aunt’s house in Jamaica…whatever your style is I’m sure you can appreciate either designs. Nice job ladies on ripping the runway!

“On a Mission To Be What I’m Destined To Be!”

The industry seems to on a roll with tunes that give you a little “PUSH” in the right direction. I’m loving this song from Maino and T-Pain, it just reminds you that anyone successful worked hard to get there, and when you get there no one can take it from you! “See me come up from nothing, to me living my dreams. I done been to the bottom, I done suffered a lot, I deserve to be rich, headed straight to the top…!” By the way, doesn’t this sound a little bit like “Live your Life” by T.I.? “Whoaaaaahhh Whooaaahhh!!”