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The YES in Success

My good friend Louis Lautman sent me this link to an up coming movie that he produced called “theYESmovie.” The movie surrounds the incredibly successful lives of young jet setters who have turned their dreams into millions. Stay tuned for the exclusive interview with Mr. Lautman himself to find out how you can become apart of the YES movement. Enjoy!


High Fashion for Children: Saurette


In March 2009, clothing line Saurette hit the fashion scene with it’s new Spring collection. Though you may love Saurette’s sophisticated styles and “empire waistlines”, if you’re over 12 years of age, you probably won’t be able to fit their sizes. Saurette is created to give a more contemporary and refreshing means to dressing little girls like little ladies. “I think modern parents want their children to look as good as they do,” said Lisa Kanouse, creative director and founder of Saurette. “I wanted to offer parents fashion options that respected their tastes and that of their children: Simple, elegant and modern.” Lisa began her career in fashion as a freelance photo stylist for the Chicago Tribune and Marshall Fields. She later went on to buying and then had a 10 year career in product development, creating and producing women’s collections for company’s like Saks Off 5th and Macy’s. Saurette has already gained consumers such as Kathy Hilton, Tim Allen, and child star Madison Pettis. You can find this exquisitely adorable line across the nation in California, Florida, New Jersey, New York, Texas, Canada, and Puerto Rico. As well as on-line at,, and tuttibella. Want to know more about Saurette? Log on to or contact Lisa herself at or 646-729-3528

For the Love of Music


Just four months fresh in the game, this media planner by day and DJ by night is spinnin’ her way to success. Born and raised in Brooklyn, Brooke Jaffe also known as “Cookie” is determined to inspire and touch people’s lives through her music. She was driven to DJ the first time her feet grazed the entrance of a club. “That experience forever changed my outlook on life and music. It was like my eyes were opened to something so different and something even more amazing then I thought possible,” says Brooke. Her first break in December took place in Brooklyn at a lounge called “Blitz”. Though a bit nervous that night, she invited 25 of her friends to come hear her play. The response was very positive as she had everyone enjoying themselves and her musical selections.

Now DJing at least two to three times a week, Brooke, 26, has no ceilings on her destiny. “I want to go on an international DJ tour as well as getting into music production and owning my own record label.” When asked if she felt any extra pressure coming into this industry as a female, she says at times she does. “It is male dominated and because of that people are always expecting me not to play well. They always expect the worst but then end up being surprised that I can actually play,” she professed. And interestingly enough, representing for the ladies doesn’t go overlooked. Brooke says females are actually very supportive when they see her play.

Though she works independently playing House and Hip Hop, she credits promotional group “Be the Change Events” for booking gigs and assisting with her career. But says she knows she wouldn’t be anywhere without the support and love of her family and friends. Brooke wants people to stay true to themselves and to keep striving for their goals. “The journey along the way is the big picture, the goal is just a small part of it.”

If you have some music or Brooke is the DJ you need feel free to contact her at

Maintaining Creativity Respect and Success



“Maintaining Creativity Respect and Success” are four words that sum up this young entrepreneur and his magnetically blooming company MCRS. I got the opportunity to have a talk with him and see where he’s been, where he’s going and what insight he has for you rising stars. Check out our enlightening conversation.

1. What do the letters MCRS stand for?
MCRS stands for Maintaining, Creativity, Respect and Success

2. When was it founded?

It was founded in 2007, its been underground until now.

3. Who are the founding members?

It’s just me, Edwin Nunez. I’ve been designing lines for everyone out there, so I figure why not do the math and start my own line. I do have a corporate side as well.

4. Where is the company based and where are you from?

 The company is based out of new york. I was born in New York (never left). I love it here. My nationality is Dominican, Egyptian and Spaniard (first grandpa and grandma are Egyptian and Spaniard) my mom is also Spaniard.

5. Has your company worked with any well known people?

 Right now we’re handing things down to Lil Wayne, Gym Class Heroes and a few skaters.

6. What influenced the launch of this company?

Well, I started off as an intern at The Source Magazine (was there for a year and half) then left with my boss to work as a fashion stylist on videos for Jay-z, Diddy, Mase, Missy, Busta and a lot more. After doing a few years of styling, Diddy mentioned that he was starting Sean John and needed advice in creating the right look for it. I then moved from styling to designing and Sean John was started, I remember it was me and 3 other Dominicans that were the first designers in the office, after that I helped start Akademiks, G-unit, Fetish, Gino Green Globaland a few other brands. Like I said before, I figured if these lines are growing from my designs why not start my own company. So I put together everything I learned and started MCRS.

7. Does MCRS have positions that people can apply for? If so, how can they do so?

 The company is still growing, the only positions open right now is SALES, ONLINE PROMOTIONS and of course FANS!!!!

8. Has MCRS been featured in any national publications or on television?

 It will in the summer, we have alot of great things in the works!

9. Who or what personally inspires you to push forth with your career?

 I got into the fashion business by mistake. I wanted to be a comedian like Jim Carrey when he did Ace Ventura, then I started as a stylist, I looked up to Roger Mckenzie (my boss at the Source magazine, which is now the best celeb stylist around), the other person has been Diddy, I learned a lot from him, I learned that people need to be themselves and control their business whether your an intern or an assistant or a CEO, the one thing that never changes is how you deal with YOUR business. The rest has just been life kicking me down that pushes me to breathe, dream, life, love, hate and appreciate my career.

10. Does MCRS have any out of the box ventures or projects that are coming up in the future that people should be on the lookout for?

 Yes we do in fact, we just partnered up with a hotel in Miami called Clevelander, I designed an exclusive collection for the hotel called RockStar by MCRS, the collection will be used as their uniform for 2 years, we also partnered up with NYC MOVIE SCREENINGS, they will also be using MCRS t-shirts as their uniforms and every Wednesday we will be giving away free movie tickets to new members on our website We are also hooked up with a company called Toy2 they are a USA rep for HOT TOYS, which make collectible Toys that run for around $200, they made the toy of The dark night joker, Iron man, the new Terminator movie, oh and on Sunday night (12am) into Monday the whole website goes into a 24 hour sale, the sales are run by a funny comedian named David “Dtrix” Cortez (very funny guy). You have to tune in every Monday to check out his mini show on the site. I also own a Film company called Scorpion filmsthat is working on a Documentary called LifeStyle, the Doc is based on the underground talent of new york city. The DVD for LifeStyle will be packaged and sold with the t-shirts on-line, the film company is also pre-production for a reality show based on a private jet company called Imperial Jets, the show is called Fly High, it documents the activities that the private jet company goes through when dealing with celebrities. Getting them to their tour events to getting them around the world for a premier.
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5 Tips For Your Young Money


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While searching the net, I came across an article of tips that fit perfectly for the FBENOW viewers. With some assistance from, here’s a quick rundown on how to keep your young money stable and affluent, especially with today’s economy:

 1. Don’t Stretch Yourself Too Thin

Basically if it’s too hot, then don’t be afraid to get out of the kitchen.  Don’t be afraid to take some time off if you’re feeling financially or mentally pressured by your business venture. Do whatever is needed to relax your mind and balance your responsibilities.

2.  Do What You Love But…

“They say, if you love what you do, you will never work a day in your life,” says Susanto. Essentially meaning that if you go into business based on something you love (which you should) still make sure that it is something you can financially benefit from in the long run. The harder you work, the more money you’re bound to make. Be sure to find a “smart” way to balance the two.

3. Don’t Bite Off More Than You Can Chew

Being young can sometimes be the wrong instrument for “grand plans” and galaxy dreams, so make sure if you are beyond a simple innovator make sure your business plans are things you can follow through with. Don’t base your thoughts and actions on money alone. Find a median between tough life decisions and reality, most likely it will work out for the best.

4. Stay on the Right Side of the Law

Money makes the world go round’, right? Right, but to insure that you’re not spending your total earnings on legal fees make sure to brand your company. “Take the necessary steps, in your country, to register your business, submit necessary reports to financial authorities etc. Numerous, potential successes have been ruined by their ignorance or disregard of this fact,” says Susanto. The law is the law and its not worth throwing all your hard work and profit down the drain for things that could have been easily resolved.

5.  Youth Is Your Advantage

As young people we have the ability to think above and beyond very easily. While others before us may be stuck in an isolated time capsule, we’re thinking up ways to reinvent old things and make them new. In essence, being young greatly works in your favor. “When you look at history, most of the biggest companies today started when there was nothing else like it. That’s why they were so successful, they beat the competition to it!When you discover the perfect niche on your own, the possibilities for growth, and advancement, are endless. Further, even when competition comes knocking, you will already have the experience that they don’t, and a solid customer base, whose trust you have earned,” says Susanto.

For more information about these tips or any other pertaining to your young money, check out