For the Love of Music


Just four months fresh in the game, this media planner by day and DJ by night is spinnin’ her way to success. Born and raised in Brooklyn, Brooke Jaffe also known as “Cookie” is determined to inspire and touch people’s lives through her music. She was driven to DJ the first time her feet grazed the entrance of a club. “That experience forever changed my outlook on life and music. It was like my eyes were opened to something so different and something even more amazing then I thought possible,” says Brooke. Her first break in December took place in Brooklyn at a lounge called “Blitz”. Though a bit nervous that night, she invited 25 of her friends to come hear her play. The response was very positive as she had everyone enjoying themselves and her musical selections.

Now DJing at least two to three times a week, Brooke, 26, has no ceilings on her destiny. “I want to go on an international DJ tour as well as getting into music production and owning my own record label.” When asked if she felt any extra pressure coming into this industry as a female, she says at times she does. “It is male dominated and because of that people are always expecting me not to play well. They always expect the worst but then end up being surprised that I can actually play,” she professed. And interestingly enough, representing for the ladies doesn’t go overlooked. Brooke says females are actually very supportive when they see her play.

Though she works independently playing House and Hip Hop, she credits promotional group “Be the Change Events” for booking gigs and assisting with her career. But says she knows she wouldn’t be anywhere without the support and love of her family and friends. Brooke wants people to stay true to themselves and to keep striving for their goals. “The journey along the way is the big picture, the goal is just a small part of it.”

If you have some music or Brooke is the DJ you need feel free to contact her at


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