Simply for your iPhone


For a young jet-setter a Blackberry or an iPhone is a highly essential tool. In 2009, it’s more like a necessity rather than a stylish gadget that’s just carried around or used to make calls. Me myself could not imagine life without my 8830, which is practically glued to my hand all day everyday. With technology at an all time high these two “tech-geeks”, Rick Krakowski and Tony Lombardo have joined the many savvy mobile engineers in creating a company that simply equips iPhone users with fun and very necessary applications.

Rick, 29 and Tony, 28 have hit the ground running with their full-service mobile application development firm, ‘Mobile Simplicity.’ Launched in June 2008, both Rick and Tony had their business plan in gear and knew exactly what consumers wanted and needed. “Our slogan is “Intuitive Mobile Applications”. Early on we realized the elegance in the iPhone‘s simplicity. Anyone can pick it up and immediately use it because it is so intuitive. We wanted to start a company that would develop mobile applications that stay true to this simple and intuitive concept,” says Rick. With Tony already honing entrepreneurial skills at a young age and Rick enrolled in Columbia Business School, they both wanted to start their own company based on something fresh, exciting and of course simple. “The iPhone has bucked the overall economic trend.  The iPhone is selling like hotcakes, and that means more app sales for us.  Plus, larger corporations all want iPhone apps now, and they want to work with a company that has marketing and strategy knowledge rather than just pure development skills,” expressed Rick.

Their most successful app to date is their very first app the ‘Craigmobilelist’ which has hit the 30,000 download mark and have Rick and Tony working on at least a dozen other follow up projects. Rick concedes that though there is not much seperation of life and work, the enjoyment of the rewards and exhilaration that come with going into business for yourself are incomparable. As a final thought of advice Rick says “set yourself up for entrepreneurial success by laying your foundation early. Learn about marketing, accounting, finance and leadership by reading books or from formal education. Although most learning will come on the job it helps to be rooted in sound business practices. Also, fake it ’til you make it. You are as professional as you present yourself.”

If anyone has questions, comments, or wants us to develop an app they can email me at and log onto ‘Mobile Simplicity’ at


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