“Eat-Whatever” and Have Kissable Breath

While PM and I were on the Lower West Side a couple weeks ago, we caught up with our good friend Jacqui Rosshandler who has created this two-step mint and gel tablet that alleviate bad breath. On her entrepreneurial quest a couple years ago she found that most bad breath is internal. This explains why most of the time after you eat anything with garlic or onions you have to chew a whole a pack of gum to get your breath back up to par. Here she is showing you how you too can “Eat-Whatever” and instantly have kissable breath.


2 responses to ““Eat-Whatever” and Have Kissable Breath

  1. Love this product! Sounds cool but I may forget all the steps..lol.. definitely will look for “eat-whatver” in the DC area!

  2. Once you try it, you’ll never forget the steps Christina.

    Ask your local store to stock it or you can always order off the website http://www.eat-whatever.com

    Happy eating ppl!!!!!

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