Rock Out to Healthy Eating

Who would have thought that by simply incorporating music with the fundamentals of nutrition could be a very effective and fun way to infuse healthy eating. Well, someone did think of it. 27 year old Jill Jayne, MS, RD also known as the “Rockstar Nutritionist” has a company that gets kids excited about nutrition, while expressing themselves musically. Though she has a BS in Nutritional Sciences, Jill didn’t always know she was going to be a dietitian. “I had no idea it was even a profession. I went to college to be a pediatrician and majored in pre-med and musical theater. It wasn’t working so I found nutrition because it was a way I could work with kids and talk about health; something that was personally very important to me. I crafted a major in nutrition communication.”

When Jill moved to New York (where she currently resides), she came to pursue a job in kids entertainment and landed a job as a host, writer and producer at a PBS station. She later enrolled in a MS/RD program at Columbia to focus on nutrition education. “When I started at Columbia , I said to my then new advisor, ‘I want to create a kids’ show for my thesis. Will you advise me?’ She said yes (thank goodness). I pulled together everything I had learned in all my odd jobs, what I learned about kids and everything I learned about nutrition and opened this version of the show in Central Park for free just outside the Zoo. I entertained kids every weekend from Memorial Day to Labor Day that summer and collected tips in a pot from passersby,” says Jill.

No stranger to the music industry, Jill has worked as an off-Broadway actor, DJ at Radio Disney, wrote a musical sketch comedy in college, wrote songs for her brother’s band, toured around the country and even shot a show with the producers of American Idol. When Jill and her band teamed up with an A&R rep in LA and she let him hear some songs from the nutrition show, she ended up recording 10 singles on a CD that was released last October. The CD features unique rock ‘n’ roll nutrition singles. Subsequently, by the end of her season tour she would have impacted 70,000 kids nationwide. “I have surely found a niche! A few dietitians have approached me about writing them a jingle for their companies or for their presentations. This is really where I would like all this to go is to be a production house for specialized music,” expressed Jill.”

Although she’s currently focused on children whom she genuinely likes, Jill is currently working on a book for teens. She told me she wants college students to know, “Alcohol has a tremendous amount of calories! Drink more water! Try replacing just one soda or juice drink with water per day. You could lose up to a pound a week! You will have more energy! Your skin can be clearer!”

Jill’s driving forces are her parents, her preschool teacher, her college advisor, and the state of the world. What does she say to young entrepreneurs? “Talk to a qualified lawyer and accountant about your plan before doing anything. This is not to discourage you, this is to make sure you incorporate properly, have the right tax forms in place, and know how to set up a proper contract with an employee. This will save you years of stress. Do not be scared of these people, let them help you!”

Click on this link to visit Jump with Jill’s blog page and see Jill in action:


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