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Naana B. Dares to Take You There


What’s a plush fall coat without a coordinating handbag? That’s right nothing. So if you haven’t heard Naana B. has launched their collection’s line of handbags, evening wear and day wear for Fall 2009! The Naana B Collection is available for viewings/inquiries at the blink PR Showroom in Soho New York.

“A woman designing for women, Naana B. takes the uniqueness and artistry of handbags and clothing to a new level. The line reflects the free nature of the designer’s life and adventures. A self-confessed dream chaser and globetrotter, the designer Naana B. began her artistic journey creating steel sculpture and paintings at Columbia University, later inspiring a long lasting love affair with clothing and accessories. After crafting and learning the elements of design, the line Naana B. was conceived! Handmade and produced by women artisans in Ghana ( proceeds from all sales go to the Rural Communities Empowerment Centre in Ghana”  (Courtesy of blinkpr).

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The City is Mine


The future was upon those the Taj Lounge on September 19th. With a futuristic/robotic theme 8 of New York City’s finest up and coming designers were brought to all that witnessed it. “The City is Mine” Fashion Show had attendees on the edge of their seats as the models strutted the artistic visions of Deon Halil, Envius Couture, Rico Flores, Molie Guablue, Brazillian Alex, and Melyssa Nycole. The show was headed by the Designers of Unleashed introducing CEO Shaleese aka yaedon marie. The signature piece that kicked off the show was created by designer Blondina. All proceeds from the show went to the American Diabetic Association. For more information on the show and the designers of unleashed check out, or email at if you are an aspiring model and would like to be in one of her upcoming shows. Stay tuned for more and see you at the next show!

Signature piece by Blondina

Melyssa Nycole

Unleashed fashions by Jessica

Travel on A Budget


For all you “globetrotters” that love to travel even when summer’s over,  will find “Travel Happy Budget Low” by Susanna Zaraysky a fantastic and resourceful read. Author, Susanna Zaraysky has created a literary lane for herself by documenting her travels and adventures that take readers on fascinating expeditions near and far. Here’s what she told FBE about herself and other piece of work “Language is Music”:

FBE: How successful has your book been?
SZ: The books, Language is Music, and Travel Happy, Budget Low, will be published at the beginning of June 2009. From February to April 2009, I ran a contest where people could read my books for free online. I had over 114 people sign up to read the books for free.

FBE: Was writing always your passion?
SZ: I think writing was always something I liked. A few years ago, I was going through my boxes of childhood toys and items and found a children’s book I wrote in the 5th or 6th grade.

FBE: When did you see writing as a career?
SZ: The career chose me! I often wrote travelogues about my international adventures and would write short prose or poems and send it to my friends. I even wrote out poems as invitations to events I was planning. For years, my friends would reproach me for not publishing my work or writing a book. In 2005, I became allergic to myself and to my job in wine marketing and knew I needed to follow my passion. Yes! One can literally become allergic to one’s job. I developed allergies to wheat, citric acid (no tomatoes), dairy, chocolate, corn, and grapes. I was in the Italian wine and food business and could not eat most Italian food or drink the wine.

I was at an Italian wine tasting event for work and the speaker was talking about how Italian wine was losing its sense of terroir, its roots. I thought about what my roots were and decided to write a memoir about my life in different languages and cultures. I wrote that book, One Eyed Princess in Babel, but couldn’t find an agent or publisher to take it on. So, I decided to write two smaller books. Language is Music is about how to learn foreign languages using music and other media. Travel Happy, Budget Low is about how to travel the world on a budget. People always asked me how I was able to speak seven languages so well and travel to over 50 countries on a budget. I figured that I’d first make my presence with those books and then get the memoir on the market.

FBE: How did you come up with the concept and title of your book?
SZ: I came up with the idea and name for Language is Music after listening to the audiobook version of Dr. Oliver Sachs’ book, Musicophilia.
For Travel Happy, Budget Low, I was searching for a name for a while. I wanted to call it Budget Globetrotter, but that website was already taken. My mom said the book title needed the word “happy” in it. So, I came up with this name. It sounds like a title for a Chinese movie!

FBE: Are you self published or do your work with a publishing house?
SZ:I will self publish under my business name, Kaleidomundi.

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