The City is Mine


The future was upon those the Taj Lounge on September 19th. With a futuristic/robotic theme 8 of New York City’s finest up and coming designers were brought to all that witnessed it. “The City is Mine” Fashion Show had attendees on the edge of their seats as the models strutted the artistic visions of Deon Halil, Envius Couture, Rico Flores, Molie Guablue, Brazillian Alex, and Melyssa Nycole. The show was headed by the Designers of Unleashed introducing CEO Shaleese aka yaedon marie. The signature piece that kicked off the show was created by designer Blondina. All proceeds from the show went to the American Diabetic Association. For more information on the show and the designers of unleashed check out, or email at if you are an aspiring model and would like to be in one of her upcoming shows. Stay tuned for more and see you at the next show!

Signature piece by Blondina

Melyssa Nycole

Unleashed fashions by Jessica


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