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Cookin’ Up Kicks: Vanessa and Angela Simmons

Lately I’ve been involved with a promotional team whose current client is the Pastry Brand by Vanessa and Angela Simmons. The Pastry brand has garnished continuous success, bringing consumers vibrant and eccentric fashions that can be worn by particularly anyone whose style is similar to the Simmons girls. Its fun, fresh, edgy, has a lot of energy and is clearly not for the dull or faint hearted. Check out this video as the Pastry Brand team mixes business and the moonwalk…lol…love these girls!!


Successful Music

Behind the Strings: DBRMusic

Photo by Juliante Cervantes
“Believe in yourself, someone else, and the promise of tomorrow’s potential.” -Daniel Bernard Roumain


Born in Skokie, Illinois, this composer and founder of, became a member of his elementary school’s orchestra program, playing the violin at just 5 years old. “It was just something I wanted to do…I was fortunate enough to have a family that was very supportive, specifically of playing the violin. My mother and father came to every concert I did as a young child,” expressed Daniel. His career later took off as a an undergraduate at Vanderbilt University’s Blair School of Music where he studied music. As well as, completing his masters and doctoral work at the University of Michigan under the guidance of Pulitzer Prize-winning composer William Bolcom. FBE spoke with Daniel Bernard Roumain about his successful career, making history in music, and

FBE: In what genre would you classify your music? Or would you say you’ve musically created a lane for others to emulate?
A friend of mine who once worked at Sony Records called my music New Classical Soul. I’m not sure if I agree, but I appreciated the sentiment. Somethings and some musics are so complex that as soon as you try to define them, they change. I want to keep changing. The world may not ever need another composer, but it will always need change.

 FBE: How does your Haitian roots impact you as an individual and your music?
I’m not sure that the intersection of melody and rhythm, an important and ever-evolving aspect of music, has its roots in Haiti and my parent’s record collection.

FBE: Explain to me some of the things that encourage you to follow your career goals
I recently got married and my wife and I are expecting our first child. It’s a blessing to be able to work for your family in the confident hopes of feeding, clothing, and making them proud.

FBE: I’ve heard that you did some work with LadyGaga. Who else have you collaborated with?
I’ve collaborated with several orchestras, ensembles, and symphonies. As for well-known artists, I’ve worked with Ryuichi Sakamoto, Philip Glass, Savion Glover, Bill T. Jones as Music Director of Bill T. Jones/Arnie Zane Dance Company, 2 Live Crew, Cassandra Wilson, Vernon Reid, and DJ Spooky.

FBE: Now I’m sure you’ve been featured on a national level in the media, can you name a few of the forums and/or publications?
I’ve been featured in several…ranging from Esquire Magazine, ESSENCE, and XXL Magazines to the Financial Times. Regarding TV, I was featured as “America’s Assignment” on CBS Evening News, to highlight one. This past June 24th, PBS aired a story about my work with the Young Composers Development Program.

FBE: Who/What influenced the launch of
My business partner and marketing genius, Rika lino, of Sozo Media. She’s responsible for the genesis of my website as well as a hefty part of my career.

FBE: What would you say has been DBR’s biggest accomplishment?
I am convinced that the most important work of any living composer may be the contributions of time, service, and education towards the development of new audiences. Indeed, the converses, freely, with his or her own community.

FBE: What future events do you have coming up that you want viewers to know about?
I was recently awarded a commission for a full orchestral work by the Sphinx Commissioning Consortium. So in 2010, you’ll hear my premiere being performed by several American orchestras (Cincinnati, Detroit, Nashville, New Jersey, New World, Philadelphia Richmond, Rochester, and Virgina).

*38 year old Daniel is currently residing in Lexington, MA and encourages viewers to checkout

DBR can be contacted via his website and/or  myspace ( where you can join his mailing list!



With long braids cascading down his back, it is no mistake that this multi-talented artist is the next hottest thing! He not only can serenade you with his melodious vocals, but he also writes his own material and can dazzle your eyes with his attractive and edgy style. Jersey bred singer, songwriter and model, Sean Ray is already wowing the music industry with hot tracks like “Hole in my Heart” and “Departure.” With inspirations that extend from Micheal Jackson to Jodeci, his talents have taken him as far as opening for Hip Hop artists such as Rick Ross and Lupe Fiasco. Currently on the rise to a more than successful career in the entertainment industry, Sean Ray is someone that the world should definitely be on the look out for. Stay tuned for an exclusive FBE one on one interview with this pop star heavy-hitter.

And in the mean time, don’t hesitate to check out to learn more about Sean Ray and give a listen to his two featured singles. As always…Enjoy!

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When in Doubt, Chase the Pavements

Love this singer but for some reason I love this song more than her (sorry Adele). Nothing new but the words run so deep I couldn’t resist… It’s like in life when you’re given the option of taking risks even when you’re not sure what the outcome will be or just giving up…I say, be a rebel!!! and “chase the pavements” Who cares what anyone has to say…Enjoy!

Are You Almost Famous?


So many of us are Myspaced, Facbooked and Linkedin but are you Almost Famous? I know it sounds like a trick question for your rising icons but Almost is the newest interactive social networking site that merges the popularity of talent competitions with online networking capabilities. The site was created by three Miami-based college students: Tedd Bernard, his older brother, Seraphin Bernard, and their good friend, Jon Barchan. Friends since childhood, these three guys later joined forces to become successful business partners each bringing special attributes to this creative “cyber-community”. Tedd serves as the business mind behind the site. This is no surprise as when he was 16, Tedd co-founded Young Minds Educational Program, (a nonprofit organization aimed at building the self esteem of youth through academic and creative after school programs). As executive director, he innovated development initiatives, managed volunteers and successfully raised funding to support the program.

Younger brother Seraphin, a graduate of the Pratt Institute of Art & Design in New York, initially served as the company’s creative director. His accomplished background has him credited with a grounded skill in graphic design and commercial print production, making decisions relating to the company’s image and branding. He has also worked on projects for the Carson Realty Group, Simmons Jewelry Collection, Rush Philanthropic Arts Foundation, Howard R. Miller Communications and Duany, Plater, Zyberk & Co., just to name a few. An unfortunate accident last summer in South Africa caused Seraphin to vanish. Despite the tragic accident, Seraphin’s vision and art direction is still recognized in Almost Famous and its creative development.

Because the apple doesn’t fall too far from the tree, Jon learned the fundamentals of work ethic and building a business from the ground up early on. His father, also an entrepreneur has owned several successful companies in South Florida. So, Jon’s passion for business came natural and soared to new heights upon meeting the two Bernard brothers. His first-hand knowledge of running a company became highly applicable when upholding the title the Chief Operating Officer of Almost Famous.

The site is new, easy to join and a great way to become Almost Famous. You can create personalized profile pages to display your unique vocal, acting, modeling or sports-related talent. The site offers new contest, casting calls, vendors & products available to users. And it also has features AF Radio (coming soon), an exclusive online “radio station” and a retail store filled with exclusive merchandise.

So what are you waiting for…Sign up!

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